Spiritual Care

Our spiritual caregivers offer emotional, spiritual, or religious support to our patients and community.

Spiritual caregivers do not impose a certain religious belief, instead, they provide a caring presence and a listening ear. They can help you and your family cope with difficult questions or other issues surrounding terminal illness. If you are affiliated with a particular religious organization or place of worship the spiritual caregiver can help communicate your spiritual needs to your personal clergy. 

Our Chaplains are available for our Integrity Hospice families to help with planning or officiating a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life services. 

For more information please contact any of our office locations. 

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Services Provided

Companionship/ Socialization - Illness can be isolating for both the person experiencing it and their family members. Our program provides visits to the home or a facility and/or bi-weekly calls, emotional and spiritual support, and/or breaks for family and caregivers 

Help understanding the disease process - Life altering diagnoses often leave a person with more questions than answers. We can help you find answers and make a plan of action with disease information and clarification of goals for care, advance healthcare directive and/or POLST form information, guidance in discussing health concerns with care providers of family members and information on community resources.

Practical and Complementary Assistance - Integrity Hospice can aid the patient and families with everyday life needs. We can help with errands, reading and writing correspondence support, or household organization assistance. We can also provide companionship from our pet therapy team.